Where little learners
take flight

Once upon a time there was a preschool that had lots of lovely children that loved
to dress up and play outside. They had so much fun with their friends
and the land of Wings & Wellies began!
They all lived happily ever after

Learning made

fun and engaging

Wings & Wellies, formerly known as St Georges Preschool, has been operational since 1969. We are a charity run preschool focused on providing early years education for children of ages 2.5 to 5 years. We offer a fun, innovative and engaging curriculum within a large hall and outdoor play area. We at Wings & Wellies fully understand that each child is unique and has individual requirements. Therefore, we strive to individually develop their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and linguistic skills that are necessary for building their confidence in readiness for attending school. Our main aim is to let each child learn at their own pace through exploring, interaction, playing and trial and error in order to become independent learners. We are proud to assure you that our team of fantastic teachers are dedicated to making your child the best that they can be.

why our

Interested in getting your child ahead of the game, so why wait? Get them enrolled in preschool and enjoy its benefits. Growth through nurturing, fun-filled learning and a promising future.

Fun-filled learning

Learning made innovate, enjoyable and easy to grasp.

Child Safety

Ensuring that your child is in the best of hands.

Successful results

Guaranteeing a very bright future for your child.

Why choose us?

Wings & Wellies are an established community preschool that have worked with many generations of local families. To enable you to get a feel for what our setting can provide, please watch our promotional video.

A Great Place for your child to grow

Preschool Management

Preschool Team

We have spaces available for our September 2022 intake.
Please call 07887 900348 for further information

Glimpse into Our Gallery

Feel free to swipe through several pictures taken at our preschool and
witness children learning new things and enjoying  their play time.